Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ugh. Don't read this. I'm serious. After completing it, I am warning you all and take no responsibility for you being pissed at my lameness if you do in fact read it.

I was going to make a salad. I was going to eat it, and maybe update about my weekend. But then, standing in front of the refrigerator, with the door open, staring at all the ingredients required for my luscious salad, I decided it was too big of a task and not worth my effort. I'm not really even all that hungry. Why? BECAUSE I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING ALL DAY but practive my Fleshlight sex. I haven't used any energy, and therefore don't need to replace it with food. I was just going to eat because it's been a long time since I've eaten anything of substance, and I felt like it was time. THAT'S BAD. And so, standing there in the kitchen, I was overwhelmed by how little I have to do, and I started to cry. I'm pretty sure my mom thinks there's something wrong with me. I'm also pretty sure I don't care.

Ok, it takes like negative effort to make a salad. Rip up some lettuce, pour on dressing. Woop. Maybe, if I feel fancy, chop up some tomatoes and olives or something. NOT A LOT OF EFFORT. So for me to not want to exert that little effort is really extra sad. I really feel like my life is wasting away. I slept til noon today. I wasn't all that tired, I just didn't have a reason not to. And then, when I got up, I played The Sims for a really long time. And at night, I don't have a reason to stay up really late, so I go to bed. I'm averaging like 11 hours of sleep a night because I have nothing else to do. THAT IS HALF MY LIFE. And then I'm sluggish all day because I'm oversleeping. VICIOUS CYCLE, I tell you.

Even this post was a waste of time. Just a somewhat-depressed rant about salad and the sadness of my life that would probably piss me off if I was reading it. I'm sorry.

I'm going to watch Desperate Housewives and Car Sex now. If any of you comment negatively about that, I'll stab you in the neck.